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Herman Otten
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In this exercise the team learns brainstorm techniques in a new refreshing manner. At first hand it’s counter intuitive because the team writes down ideas that are opposite of that which they want to achieve.

This allows for thoughts and ideas to be provoked through a different route. Of course it’s vital to rephrase the negative ideas to positive ones to get the most value out of the exercise. The free associating with the book really pushes the team to think outside of the box. Even if at first glance it might seem impossible to make a connection between a word and an idea, after a bit of brainstorming there’s always a chance something unexpected might come up!

In this Brainstorm Techniques exercise multiple variations can be applied.

  1. If after the first phase, in which positive ideas are shared, there are no clear favorite ideas. You can take charge instead and pick three ideas that got the best reaction from the group. Write these down on the whiteboard and continue the exercise.
  2. Tell the whole group before the exercise starts that it’s impossible to make ‘mistakes’. This will allow the team to freely associate without judging themselves!
  3. Instead of bringing books to the exercise for words you can also bring cards, maps or magazines for input.

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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